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Briggs beard oil uses a tri-oil blend of all-natural and cold-pressed jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and almond seed oil. We wanted to keep the recipe simple while keeping the benefits immense. This base blend is used with all of our scents, so no matter what your preferred fragrance is you still get the same kick-ass benefits regardless. Each scent is where the benefits change slightly. The all-natural, therapeutic grade essential oils we used to scent each blend provide their own unique perks making sure your beard and skin are left soft, nourished, and hydrated with a nice sleek shine so people know that you are a man that takes his beard seriously.


Our beard care bundles include all the tools you could need to grow a badass beard.

In the Briggs Beard Essentials Kit, you will receive a LaVelle hand-stitched leather holster, your choice of 2 beard oil scents, and a wooden beard comb.

In the bundle, you will receive a boar’s hair beard brush, a wooden beard comb, your choice of 2 beard oil scents, and a Briggs Beard Co. sticker to rep the bearded brotherhood. We have bundled all of these tools to grow your beard at a great discount as well. Order the kit or the bundle and save 15% off all these products!

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Briggs Beard Essentials


Briggs Beard Co updated Beard Bundle

Beard Care Bundle



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