Beard Comp Registration Fee



The First Annual Western Montana Beard and Mustache Competition has arrived!

Get ready for a night of Montana’s best facial hair as we find out who will be crowned as the best of three categories:

Best Beard: Not the longest, not oldest, not the smoothest, just the best. Judged on overall appearance, feel, color, and vibe that your beard brings. No considerations are off the table! This category is reserved for serious beard growers only. Leave your 5 o’clock shadow at home 😏.

Best Mustache: Whether you curl it up nicely or let those handlebars hang, this category is for the overall best mustache. Again, this is not based on just length, size, or style, but a combination of all of those plus whatever the judges decide should be considered. Wax it up and get it looking right, this category plays no games.

Best Creative Freestyle: This category is reserved for our creatives and those who feel they don’t want to limit themselves to either just a beard or just a mustache. Styles that may be included here are muttoncops, goat-tee, or anything that might involve styling your beard in a way to separates you from traditional beard or mustache styles.


You can only compete in one category! NO EXCEPTIONS. When you checkout there will be an “order notes” section, please type in what category you are competing in in that box. Your confirmation email will be your ticket to compete at the competition so please bring a screenshot, a valid ID, or some form of the the email with you so we can confirm.

Let the growing begin!