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Briggs’ Body oil uses jojoba oil as the base, just like his beard oil, and then combines that with all-natural avocado oil and argan nut oil. These oils have proven their worth in the cosmetic community by possessing properties that help moisturize your skin in the most natural way possible.

Limited Release – Cinnamon Roll – As good as it sounds, cinnamon up front with a slight touch of vanilla frosting, you’ll be left drooling for more.

Limited Release – St. Nick – Santa’s favorite scent, with upfront notes of Fraser fir and pine and a dash of therapeutic grade peppermint, this is a Christmas lover’s dream.

Montana Dreamin’ By popular demand, our fastest-selling beard oil is now available in body oil. Forward notes of orange and citrus with a smooth vanilla finish, this oil will keep your skin hydrated while you dream of warm days on Montana’s Flathead Lake.

Sex on the Beach Coconut upfront with a touch of lemongrass. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the motion of the ocean (and this scent) take you away.

Afternoon Delight Spark that stogie and grab a seat by the fire. You’ll feel like Ernest Hemmingway writing the sequel to Old Man and The Sea with forwarding notes of sweet tobacco and vanilla with smoky mahogany undertones. This will leave people wondering how many leather-bound books you actually own. You’re welcome.

On the Rocks Warm notes of oak and bourbon with a sweet vanilla finish. Briggs’ favorite scent (and way to drink whiskey).

La Vie En Rose Translating to “life in living color,” this oil is just that. A delightful scent of rose petals and bergamot. You’ll be a walking bouquet with this fresh floral scent that hits just right without being overpowering to the nose.

Lavender A crowd favorite in beard oil now converted to body oil. Therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil packs this body oil with a classic and refreshing scent.

Unscented Want all the moisturizing benefits without a competing scent to your favorite perfume or cologne? The Unscented body oil has the same great benefits as the other oils without any added smell! 

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La Vie En Rose, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Unscented, On the Rocks, Afternoon Delight, Sex on the Beach, Montana Dreamin', Cinnamon Roll, St. Nick


50 mL/1.7 oz

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