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All of our scented beard oils use our tri-oil blend as our base and then get imbued with therapeutic-grade essential oils to add fragrance without being overpowering.

On the Rocks Warm notes of oak and bourbon with a sweet vanilla finish. Briggs’ favorite scent (and way to drink whiskey).

OG Blend Briggs’ flagship fragrance has notes of lemongrass, tea tree, and a cedarwood backbone. Bring the great outdoors inside with you with this earthy and refreshing scent.

Mountain Man Leave people wondering what mountain peak you will conquer next with this woodsy scent that has upfront notes of amber and vanilla with a touch of cedarwood.

Lavender “Is that lavender I smell?” Better get used to that question because this popular and classic scent will make people feel like they are frolicking through a field of lavender on a nice spring afternoon.

Afternoon Delight Spark that stogie and grab a seat by the fire. You’ll feel like Ernest Hemmingway writing the sequel to Old Man and The Sea with forwarding notes of sweet tobacco and vanilla with smoky mahogany undertones. This will leave people wondering how many leather-bound books you actually own. You’re welcome.

Unscented Already got your favorite cologne? Let the unscented provide you with the same great benefits without fighting the other great seducing scents you use daily.


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Unscented, OG Blend, Mountain Man, Lavender, Afternoon Delight, On the Rocks


30 mL/1fl Oz

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