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Briggs has set the standard for another natural product yet again. We took our body oil blend and added all-natural beeswax and mango butter to create a 100% natural lip balm that will give you the softest lips in the universe plus, all day protection against the harshest conditions. Available in our 2 most popular scents plus traditional peppermint and unscented, your lips will never be the same again. You’re welcome.

Our Variety packs have the full spread of scents. The 4 pack has 1 of each. The 8 pack has 2 of each, and so on – you get it.

LIMITED RELEASE Cinnamon Roll – Briggs brings you a cinnamon roll scented lip balm which stems from his passion for rolls which he shares with his better half as they travel the globe looking for the best cinnamon roll they can find. Cinnamon up front with a sweet frosting-like finish. This product is not edible, although we wish it was. INCLUDED IN VARIETY PACKS.

Unscented –  Same great benefits, no added flavor.

Sex On The Beach – A best selling scent  in both body and beard oil. Coconut with a touch of lemongrass, close your eyes and you’ll be able to hear the waves.

On The Rocks – Our top selling beard oil scent. Whiskey, with a dash of vanilla to give it a smooth finish. So good you’ll want to drink it, but please don’t 😉 

Peppermint – Infused with therapeutic grade peppermint oil for maximum benefits, this balm will cool and soothe even the driest lips.


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2 Unscented, 2 Sex on the Beach, 2 On the Rocks, 2 Peppermint, 4 Pack Variety, 8 Pack Variety, 12 Pack Variety, 2 Cinnamon Roll

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