On the Rocks Beard Oil



On The Rocks- Inspired by Briggs’ love for whiskey, On the rocks brings you warm notes of oak and bourbon with a sweet vanilla finish. As if you just stuck your nose in the bung hole of a whiskey barrel (yes, this is actually what it is called), you’ll be blessed with all the best notes you get from your favorite whiskey without that alcohol sting. Briggs wanted to create a beard oil that provided the spicy notes of whiskey with a sweet finish so that even the non-whiskey lover can enjoy this complex blend. So pour a glass of your favorite whiskey and enjoy the sweets notes of On The Rocks in your beard all day. As much as you may want to please do not consume On The Rocks beard oil, you can’t drink it, not even on the rocks.

The one liquid Briggs loves in this world more than beard oil is most definitely whiskey. With an Old Fashioned being his go-to alcoholic beverage, how could he not make a whiskey inspired beard oil? After all, we already did it with beer, it’s a must. On The Rocks was designed to give you the uplifting and sweet notes from whiskey without overpowering your nose. So get ready for what will be your new go-to oil for beard grooming oil as this will be our longest lasting scent yet. Designed to keep your beard smelling fresh all day no matter where you wander to, a must in the oil arsenal for the man that takes his beard just as seriously as his whiskey. Cheers!

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