How to Grow a Beard in 5 Easy Steps

By our Bearded Founder, Briggs

Briggs standing in the woods - briggs beard co

Step 1: Start Growing & Stop Shaving

It seems obvious and I feel like I don’t need to say it, but I do!

So many people want to grow beards but can’t commit to not shaving. Let me be the first to tell you this is the most important step. You need to commit and understand what it actually takes to grow a great beard which is time and patience. You need to understand yes it will itch at some points, yes people will give you crap when you start, and yes there may be a few awkward stages but once you have that epic beard you have been dreaming of and all your relatives are jealous it will all be worth the wait!

Step 2: Don't Trim Too Early

A common misconception is that the more you shave or trim your beard, the thicker and faster it will grow. This is false.

Growing your beard just to trim it too early will land you right back where you started, which is reading this blog to find out why your beard still won’t grow.

Don’t trim that thing for at least 2 months. Yes, trimming will help but it needs to be done at the right time otherwise your efforts are pointless. Give yourself at least 2 months to start and then you can use that as a good gauge if you have it in you to continue to grow an epic beard. Remember, this is a process that takes time and patience.

Step 3: T.L.C. & Beard Oil

Itchy beard? This is where Briggs Beard Co. comes in.

Our blend of oils is designed to directly help this extremely common problem among bearded men. I wish I had started using oils in the early stages of growth because it would have sped the process up significantly. It is never too early to start using beard oil. There is no beard too short for beard oil usage. Briggs Beard oil is a blend of oils that your face needs to treat dry skin (number one cause of itchy face) and to help promote thicker and healthier hair growth.

Beard oil should be used daily preferably after a warm shower or face wash. This is the best time to apply as the pores on your face will be the cleanest and most open to receiving the amazing benefits of the beard oil. Browse our different scented beard oils to find which is best for you.

Step 4: Tease the Hair

One of the most common questions I get from fellow bearded men is “How did you get your beard to grow that way?

One thing that is essential to getting your beard to grow the way you want it to is by teasing the hair. This starts in the very early stages of beard growth by using a beard brush to brush the hair in the direction you want it to grow. This also helps the natural oils get to the end of the beard hair which will also promote better hair growth and prevent split ends. For the longer bearded fellows, I recommend a wooden comb to help get your hair growing in the way you want it to. Combing throughout the day will help get your beard growing the way you want it and will help keep your beard looking fresh.

Step 5: Set a Goal for Your Beard

I am a big believer in setting goals and achieving them and growing beards is no exception. Whether it’s for no shave November, for 2 months, 6 months, or a whole year, having a tangible goal will help you push past all the haters and get you that much closer to the beard of your dreams. My goals started with just not shaving for 2 months. This turned into 6 months which turned into a year. The rest is history.

Set a goal, start growing, and get a bearded brother to grow with you so you can keep each other accountable and block the haters together. Never stop growing!

Start Growing Your Epic Beard