Briggs Beard Co. Presents the Briggs Body Oil

By our Bearded Founder, Briggs

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It’s with the utmost excitement Briggs introduces for the first time ever, Briggs Body Oil! Since the beginning of Briggs Beard Co. Briggs has seen a tremendous amount of support from the non-bearded community including many women expressing their support of the company and the many uses the Briggs Beard Oil has due to its immense benefits for the hair and skin. This is what has pushed him to create yet another all-natural, eco-friendly product derived from Mother Nature that is engineered to benefit any skin type in the best way possible.

Briggs has tweaked his beard oil recipe to help specifically the skin. Briggs Body Oil uses jojoba oil as the base, just like his beard oil, and then combines that with all-natural avocado oil and argan nut oil. These oils have proven their worth in the cosmetic community by possessing properties that help moisturize your skin in the most natural way possible. This oil helps by smoothing and soothing your skin while leaving it with a nice sleek shine without a heavy “oily” feeling. A natural way to moisturize your skin without clogging pores or using any added scents or chemicals.

Briggs blends the three carrier oils, jojoba, avocado, and argan nut, together then scents them with all-natural, therapeutic grade essential oils and nothing else. Briggs wanted to create something from Mother Nature that you could use on your skin and know exactly what every ingredient is every time no questions asked. Jojoba oil, the main ingredient, is the closest oil you can get to the oil that is naturally produced by your skin which benefits your pores by letting them breathe freely after application. Compared to the beard oil Briggs is known for, his body oil is not nearly as thick. Hair soaks up significantly more moisture than your skin does and this is why he chose the oils he did. Avocado oil is great for moisturizing, healing chapped skin, and protecting against ultraviolet rays while argan nut oil has anti-aging effects, helps prevent and heal acne, and can help improve wound healing. The combination of these oils provides the ultimate rejuvenation your skin has been looking for in the most natural way possible.

Briggs Body Oil absorbs faster than regular lotion and provides your skin with all-day moisturization while complementing your skin with a nice sleek shine. The long-lasting scent will have you smelling refreshing all day. Working out or working hard? Even better. Because Briggs Body Oil absorbs into your skin so fast and so well that as you sweat the fragrances get released through your pores leaving you smelling better than when you started. Hate the way your skin or hands feel right after you apply lotion? Briggs too. This is why he made sure his oil leaves your skin feeling naturally smooth instead of artificially greasy. Already have a favorite lotion but love the benefits and smell of Briggs Body Oil? Briggs Body Oil can be mixed with regular lotion as it complements them well by adding its benefits to the already great lotion you have found as well as the natural scent of whatever oil you choose.

Choose Your Scent

La Vie En Rose

Briggs Beard Co La Vie En Rose Body Oil


Briggs Beard Co Eucalyptus Body Oil


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Briggs Beard Co Unscented Body Oil in a winter hot spring