Briggs Beard Co. Presents On the Rocks: A Whiskey Scented Beard Oil

By our Bearded Founder, Briggs

Briggs standing in the woods - briggs beard co

If there is one other liquid in this world that Briggs loves just as much as his beard and body oil it’s whiskey.

After all, there is nothing quite like pouring some nice bourbon over the rocks and relaxing after a nice long day of adventure. So why not combine the two?

You read that right. Briggs would like to introduce to you his newest scent to add to your beard care arsenal “On The Rocks.” Although this scent doesn’t contain actual bourbon, this new oil provides the perfect blend of oak, bourbon, and a backbone of what you might describe as what you smell as you take a nice stroll through the woods. Refreshing, delightful and tasty.

Briggs wanted to craft this scent perfectly so you get all the complex notes of your favorite whiskey without that burning sensation you get from the alcohol in the back of your throat. We took our base tri-oil blend and added the perfect amount of fragrances to leave even the non-whiskey lover satisfied with this smooth yet complex blend. Imagine you just finished splitting a pile of wood deep in the back forty and cracked open that flask you’ve been sitting on that’s full of the finest bourbon spirits this planet has to offer. You’ll leave people satisfied and wanting a second whiff as this manly scent is so tasty and delightful that you’re going to want to pour it on the rocks.

(This product is not edible, please do not drink this, its a metaphor).