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NEW – Bring your favorite scents into your living room with Briggs Beard Co’s all-natural soy candles!

Made in collaboration with Montana Candle Company, we took our two best-selling scents and created a candle that smells identical to our oils. We wanted to bring these scents to life by making it possible to make any room smell the way you’ve always wanted it to. Available in both Afternoon Delight and On The Rocks, snag them while they’re hot (pun intended) as we have a very limited number of each.


NEW! Montana Dreamin’ – Citrus up front and a vanilla backbone. This dreamiscicle inspired scent will have you craving a popsicle in no time.

NEW! Sex On The Beach – Close your eyes and let the smell of coconuts and lemongrass take you to the whitest sand beach you can think of. Fruity and perfect for summer nights.

On The Rocks – With forward notes of whiskey and oak, this scent has a smooth vanilla finish that is perfect not only for whiskey lovers but is sure to please every nostril with this pleasant but not overpowering blend.

Afternoon Delight –  What has become a Briggs Beard Co staple, our best seller has upfront notes of tobacco, teakwood, and a dash of vanilla which will bring all those who encounter it true delight. Smooth, sweet, and elegant, you’ll leave people wondering just how many leather-bound books you actually own with its complex, yet delightful finish.

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